NIH (NIEHS) R01, ‘’ Investigation of nanotoxicity through mast-cell activations” (Co-investigator/PI: JM Brown)

NASA-EPSCoR, “High-energy and High-power energy storage devices for space applications”

South Carolina-EPSCoR Stimulus grant, “Nanostructured Li-S batteries”

National Science Foundation-EPSCoR, MADE in SC, “Graphene-based photonic diodes”


NIH (NIEHS) R03 “Nanoparticle-Protein Corona Structural Changes and Immunoreactivity” (2014-16) (Co-investigator/PI: JM Brown)

Haworth, Inc., “Nanomaterials for smart furniture applications” (2015-18)

Sai Global Technologies, “Graphene-based high-energy and high-power supercapacitors” (2016-17)

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