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OLDER NEWS (not being updated. Please check twitter)

January 28 2016 CU Nano-biolab participated in EMAGINE outreach event in Seneca high school. It is nice to see nanoscience excite children and adults alike!

January 26 2016 Dr. Podila is now on the editorial board of Nanotechnology Reviews from De Gruyter

January 21 2016 CU Nano-biolab invited for the grand opening ceremony of the Watt Family Innovation Center (WFIC).  We are working with WFIC and Haworth on developing anti-bacterial coatings for fabrics and furniture.

January 4 2016 Yongchang Dong’s article on “Passive optical switches based on endohedral fullerenes” is accepted for publication in Optical Materials. Congratulations! This is the first work that used our home-built Z Scan automated setup with ns/fs laser.

Dec 20 2015 Balakrishnan Pillai, a senior from Chemistry, joined CU Nanobio group. He will work on circular dichroism and nanotoxicity projects

Dec 12 2015 Bishwambhar Sengupta graduated with a MS in Physics. His PhD work will focus on nanobio smart-phone based sensors to detect TB and other diseases. Congratulations!

October 30 2015 Wren Gregory submitted her first NSF GRFP application to explore multi-photon imaging for studying breast cancer. All the best!

October 29 2015 Dr. Rama Podila appointed as an Adjunct Faculty at the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, IIITM, Gwalior, India. Dr. Podila will be leading the efforts in establishing an experimental nanoscience program.

October 22 2015 Wren Gregory presented her research work on hyperspectral imaging at CLIF HOOKed symposium.

October 17 2015 Bishwambhar Sengupta presented an invited talk at the International Workshop on Condensed Matter Physics.

October 13 2015 Achyut J. Raghavendra cleared the qualifying exam! Congratulations…

October 8 2015 Christina Dietz (a sophomore) joins us for doing research on protein corona and hyperspectral imaging! Welcome!

October 7 2015 Bishwambhar Sengupta successfully defended his MS thesis “Experimental investigation of nanomaterial protein interaction”. Congratulations!

October 2 2015 CU-Nanobio group introduced nanoparticles in biomedicine as a part of the EMAGINE outreach event! Thanks to Wren and Pooja for their participation..

September 30 2015 We submitted a ERCC center grant (U24) to NIEHS. Keep your fingers crossed.

September 23 2015 Our paper titled “Influence of carbon nanomaterials defects on the formation of protein corona” is accepted for publication in RSC Advances. Congratulations to Wren Gregory on her first publication!

September 22 2015 Podila group was invited to present a plenary talk at IWCCMP 2015; Wren Gregory will present the talk from the Nano-bio group!

September 14 2015 Our paper titled “A Hyperspectral and Toxicological Analysis of Protein Corona Impact on Silver Nanoparticle Properties, Intracellular Modifications and Macrophage Activation” is accepted for publication in International Journal of Nanomedicine.

September 13 2015 Our paper on “Impact of Silver and Iron Nanoparticle Exposure on Cholesterol Uptake by Macrophage” in collaboration with Prof. Jared Brown was accepted for publication in the Journal of Nanomaterials.

September 11 2015 Our research was highlighted by nanowerk “”

August 28 2015 Our article on “Smart-phone enabled nano-biosensors” is accepted for publication in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Congratulations to Bishwambhar on his first paper!

August 10 2015 Dr. Podila presented an invited talk at the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Gwalior on “Energy storage using nanomaterials”.

August 5 2015 Dr. Podila receive NIH R01 grant to explore nanotoxicity in collaboration with Dr. Jared Brown’s team at University of Colorado at Denver.

July 12 2015 Wren Gregory (from UNC Asheville) joined our group for her Ph.D.